World Storytelling Day

A global celebration of oral storytelling every 20th March

How World Storytelling Day Happens

Oral storytelling is tens of thousands of years old, and has strongly regained popularity because of its deeply satisfying power to unite and entertain. Here's what storytellers have in store for you on this special day...


Professional and amateur storytellers all over the world choose a theme together, then find relevant oral stories to inspire adults or children


Storytellers schedule live local events, and virtual online events, on or around 20th March each year, to celebrate, entertain, and inspire with these themed oral tales. You're welcome to join in!


Audiences gather in person or online, for big group concerts or single stories, for adults or children, for money or free


Storytelling creates community, breaks down barriers, shares wisdom and tradition, with vivid and intimate experiences, powerful and deep. More and more people each year discover what they've been missing!

This World Storytelling logo was designed by Swedish storyteller Mats Rehnman. You're free to use it for your WSD events and posters. Click for hi-res file.


Find or Create a Local Event now...

Where are World Storytelling Events this year?

Use the + and - buttons on the map, or drag it around (with 2 fingers if on a phone), to explore. Click on any pin for details of how to attend. If you want to add your own World Storytelling Day event, telling oral stories on the theme of Lost and Found, please view the instructions here. Then add your event here. You can also join the World Storytelling Day Facebook group to reach the thousands of storytellers involved.

Join an Audience

Storytellers need you!

World Storytelling Day events happen on or near 20th March. Use the map above to find your nearest, or join a virtual event happening across the world. Storytelling happens every day too - just search online for more!

Tell a Story

Your friends need you!

Share an oral tale, wherever you are on 20th March. Folktale, legend, myth, or a brief fable? Our yearly theme (see above) might remind you of one. Be bold, gather attention, and captivate!

Host an Event

Audiences need you!

You can gather storytellers to hold a whole concert around our theme (see above), or put on your own show, or even just tell people you'll be live-streaming a single tale online. Spread the word that the whole world is storytelling!

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